Women’s Shoe Size Chart & How to Measure Your Feet for Shoes

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Before buying a new pair of shoes online it is important to measure your feet first. Just because you fit a size 6 normally doesn’t mean that the shoes you are looking at will also be a size 6.

On this page we have included a women’s shoe size chart and a guide on how to measure your feet. This chart has been used for example purposes only. Please use the shoe size chart provided with the shoe listing you are looking at. Most of the shoe sizing charts are the same as below however some may be different.

Women’s Shoe Size Chart

This women’s shoe size chart can be used to work out your correct shoe size for most of our listings. Ensure you correctly measure you feet before ordering shoes from us. It is generally a good idea to measure both feet as often they length can be different. Order the larger size of the two.

Women's Shoe Size Chart
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How to Measure your Feet for Shoes

Measuring your feet should be done with bare feet. Take the length measurement for the back of your heel to the front of your longest toe. Ensure you use the length of your longest foot to get you shoe size. This is how you measure your feet for shoes.

how to measure feet to match shoes size chart

If you have measured 24 cm then using the above women’s shoe size chart you would select a size 7 or Euro size 38. If you are unsure please order the next size up.

How to Measure Feet Video

If you want additional help on how to measure your feet to buy shoes online we have a video below. Just click on the image to play.

ho to measure your feet video

One Time Size Exchange

If after carefully measuring your feet, the size ordered from us is not as expected. We will order in another size for you. Click here to find out more.

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