Wigs and Hair Extensions Types

Our Wig and Hair Extension Range

We have a wide range of wigs and hair extensions available with different styles, lengths and colours to choose from. Our range is extensive which means we should have the style, length or colour extension you are looking for.

Hair Types Synthetic & Human Hair

There are 2 main things to consider when selecting one of our wigs or hair extensions. One thing to consider is whether to use a synthetic extension or one which is made from human hair. The other consideration is how they are attached, they can be clipped in or held in place with a wire.

Synthetic Hair

Synthetic extensions are usually cheaper than ones made with human hair. The more expensive ones are heat resistant which means they can be curled or straightened. Some synthetic versions can also be dyed different colours. Typically the more you pay the more you will be able to do with the extensions and the more real it will feel.

Human Hair Remy & Non-Remy

Human hair extensions are the most versatile, they are made from real human hair. Because they are made from real human hair they can be dyed different colours, straightened & curled. To confuse things a little human hair is often referred to as remy or non-remy hair.

Remy Hair

Remy hair is hair which has the root and tip travelling in the same direction. It is more expensive and looks more natural. The appearance of the hair is shinier, looks healthier and feels smoother than non-remy hair.

Non-Remy Hair

As you can probably guess, non-remy hair is the opposite to remy hair. It’s roots and tips do not go in the same direction. As a result the hair will not feel as smooth or look as shiny and is likely to tangle easily. To For more information on the difference between the two types have a look at Strut Hair Solutions website. They explain the difference fairly well and sell a range of high end extensions and wigs.

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