Keith Titanium Pan and Pot Set Ti6052
240 grams

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The Keith Titanium pan and pot set Ti6052 is an ultralight weight cooking set which weighs only 240 grams . It can be purchased as a complete set or the contents individually.

The two bowls have handles so can also be used as pans for cooking. They pack inside the pot and have room underneath for a gas cooker. This saves on valuable pack space while reducing the weight of your pack.

Keith Titanium Pan and Pot Set Specifications

  • Model Number.: Ti6052
  • Materials:  Pure Titanium
  • Surface: Sandblasted.
  • Pot Capacity :(D) 117.5 x (H) 121 mm, 1.2 Litres, 125 grams.
  • Small Bowl Capacity :(D) 105 x (H) 48 mm, 300 ml, 43.5 grams.
  • Pan/Large Bowl Capacity :(D) 115 x (H) 48 mm, 400 ml, 60 grams.
  • Total Weight: 240 grams (with included storage bag).


300ml Titanium bowl.

300ml Titanium bowl.

Keith Titanium pan bowl 400ml

Keith Titanium pan bowl 400ml.

Keith 1.2L Titanium pot

Keith 1.2L Titanium pot.

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