Keith Titanium Multifunctional Cooker Ti6300
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The Keith Titanium multifunctional cooker can be used to cook rice and other things. It functions partially like a pressure cooker and partially like a steamer to cook rice to perfection.

The outer pot contains in inner pot with small holes in it, this pot sits inside the main pot and leaves room at the bottom for water to be boiled. This boiling water heats up the contents of the smaller inner pot cooking it quickly.

Rice is a great thing to take hiking as it takes up little room in your backpack. Now you can have perfectly cooked rice on your favorite hiking track.

Keith Titanium Multifunctional Cooker Specifications

  • Brand – Keith.
  • Material – Pure Titanium.
  • Size – 158 x 108 x 118 mm.
  • Capacity – 0.9 Litres.
  • New weight- 256 grams.
  • Includes storage bag.

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Keith Titanium Multifunctional Cooker Ti6300 Video


Keith Titanium Rice Cooker

Keith Titanium Rice Cooker.


Complete meal cooked in Keith Titanium Rice Cooker

Complete meal cooked in Keith Titanium Rice Cooker.


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