Keith Titanium Lunchbox Ti5378
102 grams per Bowl

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The Keith Titanium lunchbox is the closet thing you will get to a microwave while on the track. Food can no only be stored and carried in these ultralight weight bowls it can also be reheated. This can save you taking bot a pan and a storage container. The lids of these lunchboxes screw on to form an air tight seal which will both keep your food fresh but also hold liquids in.

There are two ways to buy these incredible lunch boxes, direct from China or from Hotshopper. For more information visit our three ways to buy page.

Keith Titanium Lunchbox Specifications

  • Bowl capacity: 400 ml x 3.
  • Weight 102 x 3.
  • Made from pure titanium.
  • Bowl dimensions: 124 x 53 mm.
  • Lid colours: Orange, grey and pink.
  • Food grade lids.
  • Screw on covers/lids.
  • Good heater transfer performance when cooking or reheating food.
Keith Titanium bowls with lids

Keith Titanium bowls have lids which screw on for an airtight seal.

Titanium bowls with food in them

Food can be heated directly in bowls without the lid attached.

Keith Titanium Lunch Box Ti5378 Dimensions 124 x 53 mm.

Ti5378 Dimensions 124 x 53 mm.

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