Hydration Bladder Cleaning Kit 4 in 1

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This hydration bladder cleaning kit is what you need to clean out any mold building up in you water bladder or tubes. It includes 3 bristle brushes one of which is designed to reach down the entire drinking tube. Also included is a small brush which is for reaching in and cleaning the mouth piece.

The water bladder cleaning kit also comes with a hanger which separate the two walls of the hydration bladder improving ventilation. This improved ventilation will help dry the water bladder quicker and help prevent new build up of mold while in storage.

Hydration Bladder Cleaning Kit Contents

  • Hanger – For assisting in drying and storing the water bladder.
  • Big brush – Cleans the water bladder itself.
  • Small brush – Used to clean the mouth piece.
  • Flexible brush – For cleaning the long drinking tube.

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Hydration bag hanger

Hydration bag hanger for drying water bladder after cleaning.Large bristle brush

Hydration kit includes 3 brushes

Hydration kit includes 3 brushes

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