How to Wear Scarves

How to Wear Scarves

Want to know how to wear scarves here’s a couple of links to YouTube videos  to show you how.

25 Ways on How to Wear Scarves

This video shows 25 different ways to wear a scarves. Most of our scarves have patterns and colour variations. Therefore changing the way you wear your scarf could make it look like a totally different scarf.

How to wear a scarves 25 ways

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The 25 different ways to wear a scarf include the: modern one loop, classic drape, bunny ear, double rainbow, turtleneck, infinity, toss, European loop, basic loop, wrap, mira, celebrity, waterfall, boa, magic trick, fake knot, X, key tie, braid, twist & pull, hidden knot, men’s tie, DIY infinity, decoration and the shell roll.

Styling Variations Triangular Scarf

This video shows you have to get the most out of our triangle scarfs/shawls. Depending on how you wear them will depend a lot on how cold it is. The video will show you how to maximise warmth or minimise depending on the climate.

how to wear a triangle scarf

As with most of our scarves the variation of design and colour will give you lots of different looks with just the one triangle scarf. After watching these videos you will not only know how to wear scarves you will know many ways to wear them.

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