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A dry bag compression sack or multiple bags are essential when hiking in wet weather. Although most backpacks are made out of waterproof fabric they can still leak in water. This is especially true after been used a couple of times as the seams will stretch and let more water in over time.

Using a 70L dry bag will not only keep your pack contents dry it can also help add buoyancy to your backpack. This could save your life in the event of a failed river crossing.

Dry Bag Compression Sack Specifications

  • Fabric: 210T Titaf.
  • Waterproof coefficient: Polyester taffeta 5000mm.
  • Colours available: Orange, green, blue and purple.
  • Capacities available: 5L. 10L, 20L, 40L and 70L.
  • Durable buckle.

Compressions Bag Flat Dimensions

  • 70L: 72 cm long and 60cm wide.
  • 40L: 63 cm long 49cm wide.
  • 20L: 53 cm long 39cm wide.
  • 10L: 4 0cm long and 33cm wide.
  • 5L: 38 cm long and 27cm wide.
70L Dry bag 40L dry bag 20L dry bag 10L dry bag 5L dry bag

70L Dry bag 40L dry bag 20L dry bag 10L dry bag 5L dry bag.

How to close compression sack

How to close compression sack.

Waterproof coefficient polyester taffeta 5000,,

Waterproof coefficient polyester taffeta 5000.

Dry sack dimensions

Dry sack dimensions.

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