Down Sleeping Bags 1350 grams | -5 to 0°C | Winter

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These quality down sleeping bags are perfect for New Zealand winters and other seasons when the weather is cold.

Down Sleeping Bags Specifications

  • Filling weight: 800 grams duck down.
  • Fill: 80%.
  • Size: 210 x 80x 50cm.
  • Comfort temperature: -5 to 0°C.
  • Extreme temperature: -10°C (survival use only).
  • Material: 400T anti-tear nylon.
  • Zipper type: High quality YKK zipper.
  • Packed size: 36 x 22cm (uncompressed), 29 x 22cm (compressed).
  • Packed size compressed: 29 x 22 cm.
  • Net weight: 1350 grams.
  • Includes compress sack.
  • Brand: DownMAX.
  • Model number: DM800G.

Colours Available:

These light weight sleeping bags are available in 11 different colours. Colours include red, black, orange, light blue, deep blue , blue, green, army green, gray , red wine and purple.

Please note colour may appear different depending on monitor settings and lighting.

11 sleeping bag colours
These sleeping bags are filled with 80% duck down which lofts out creating pockets of warmth. This filling is soft an fluffy and allows the sleeping bag to be packed down to a small size. This makes these sleeping bags perfect for tramping multi-day hikes.
puffy duck down filling
They are fitted with a high quality YKK zipper which will open and close with ease and reliability. No fear of getting stuck in your sleeping bag when you need to get out quickly.

high quality YKK zippers
The hood of these down sleeping bags can be closed in tightly around your face. This further incapsulates the heat generated from you body. Tighten when cold or open when you start getting a little warm. Having a hooded mummy sleeping bag adds versatility to your sleeping bag.

full mummy down sleeping bag
These down sleeping bags are made with 400T tear resistant fabric. This fabric is also a waterproof fabric however the bag like most sleeping bags is not waterproof. This is because water can seep in through the stitching. Once the down gets wet it becomes ineffective so please ensure you use your down sleeping bag covered from the rain.

waterproof 400t nylon fabric

Tips on Using Down Sleeping Bags.

  • When you first get your new Downmax sleeping bag take it out of the stuff bag and air it out for a few days. This airing out will help restore the bags loft after been in storage for a few days.
  • Shake it out every now and then and after a couple of days the bag will become puffy.
  • When you get to your destination take out your sleeping bag as soon as you can. The more time the bag has to loft out the warmer it will be.
  • Use a sleeping bag liner to increase the temperature range and keep the inside of the sleeping bag clean.
  • Down sleeping bags should not be washed. This can cause the down to clump together reducing the effectiveness of the sleeping bag.
  • If you must was your sleeping bag use down wash and google the best way to wash it. Do not straight machine wash it!
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