Bike Chain Cassette 9 10 11 12 Speed

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Bike chain cassette available in a variety of configurations including 9, 10, 11 and 12 speed. 25 to 52 teeth cog sizes are also available.

Bike Chain Cassette 9 10 11 12 Speed Specifications

Brand Name : VIARON
Speed: 9/10/11/12-Speed
Cassette Range:11-46T/11-50T/11-52T
Cog Material: Nickle-plated steel
Carrier Material: Aluminum Alloy
Compatibility : For SHIMANO and SRAM (Note: Must be a conventional hub)
Color: Black/Silver/Gold
Weight: The actual weight of cassette varies with tooth count
Recommended Use: Cycling, mountain biking


▶Long-lasting racing cogs for the self-sponsored cyclist
▶Reliable, durable steel preforms ,with a little extra weight
▶Precisely machined ramps allow for accurate shifting
▶Exceptional dollar-to-performance ratio for great value

The cogs are made of long-lasting, smooth-running steel.


For lightness, the cassette has an aluminum spider.


These cogs remain as individuals, along with spacers between them,and a lock ring made of anodized steel to screw into your freehub and hold the assembly together snug.

The cassette also includes an anodized, laser-etched steel lockring.

There are ramps and teeth designed to pick up and release your chain for quick flawless shifts every time.

Compatibility: For SHIMANO and SRAM(Note: Must be a conventional hub)


Tow wide range gear options: 11-46T and 11-50T.


Tow wide range gear options: 11-46T and 11-50T.


Three wide range gear options: 11-46T,11-50T and 11-50T.


Tow wide range gear options: 11-50T and 11-52T.

The actual weight of the VIARON Cassette varies with tooth count.

By opting for nickel-plated steel, it does add a bit of additional weight, but allows for a price that’s much friendlier to those of us.

Bike Chain Cassette Care Tips

1、Degrease, clean and lubricate your cassette regularly to prolog life.
2、It is recommended you replace the chain each time the cassette is replaced.
3、Do not clean using high-pressure water jets

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