AEGISMAX 800 Down Sleeping Bag Mini Black 6 ~ 11°C
515 grams

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The Aegismax 800 Down sleeping bag mini is suitable for using for most New Zealand hikes. It can be used in most huts or when camping during spring and summer. This sleeping bag is ultralight weigh and packs down to a size slightly bigger than a can of drink. Because of this this sleeping bag will reduce the weight of your backpack when using instead of conventional sleeping bags. It will also free up valuable backpack room and help make you multi-day hike more enjoyable.

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Aegismax 800 Down Sleeping Bag Mini Specifications

  • Aegismax Mini Black
  • Filling fabric: 95% white goose down 256 grams
  • Fill Power: 800 FP
  • Inside fabric: iFlEX 5100 20D Nylon.
  • Outside fabric: iFlEX 550 20D Nylon.
  • Comfort: 11°C/52°F.
  • Lower limit: 6°C/43°F.
  • Extreme: -9°C/15°C.
  • Size: Large
  • Shape: Hoodless mummy sleeping bag.
  • Gross weight 536 grams.
  • Dimensions: 200x 86 cm.

For information about Aegismax visit: Aegismax Online


Aegismax 800 down sleeping bag large mini dimensions

Aegismax mini black sleeping dimensions.

Aegismax mini black packed size

Aegismax mini black packed size.

Aegismax Ultralight Weight Sleeping Bags

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