3F UL Gear Sleeping Mats 183x56cm
410 grams

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Want to know which sleeping mats to use with 3F UL Gear frameless backpacks?  These 3F UL Gear sleeping mats fit the frameless backpacks perfectly. There are two models available in the range, the standard model and the enhanced version.

The standard model has a single side of aluminum foil, while the enhanced model has double sided aluminum foil as the top layer. This top layer  adds a valuable layer of insulation from the cold when tramping in the colder months. The bottom layer also provides insulation from the cold but also helps keep the moisture out off the sleeping mat.

3F UL Gear Sleeping Mats Specifications

  • Standard weight: 410 grams.
  • Enhanced weight: 530 grams.
  • Mat expanded size: 183 x 56 x 2 cm.
  • Stored size of mat: 56 x 15 x 13 cm.

To know more about 3F  UL Gear visit: https://www.3fulgear.online/

Enhanced model - double sided aluminum

Enhanced model – double sided aluminum.

Egg chamber enhances insulation performance

Egg chamber enhances insulation performance.

Safe IXPE material aluminum foil

Safe IXPE material aluminum foil.

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