3F UL Gear Cloud 2 Person Ultralight Weight Tent 1900 grams

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The 3F UL Gear Cloud 2 (floating cloud 2) is a  2 person ultralight weight tent. It weighs as little as 1600 grams when not used with the tents footprint which is included with the tent. With the footprint this amazing multiple configuration tent weighs just 1900 grams.

There are up to 3 colours to choose from and two different fabric types. If you are on a budget then there is a heavier fabric available for the flysheet of the 3F UL Gear cloud 2 tent.

3F UL Gear Cloud 2 Person Specifications

  • Double layer 2 season tent for hiking.
  • For two people (with 50 cm wide mattresses or smaller).
  • Tent poles made from 7001 Aluminum alloy.
  • Poles weight 540 grams.
  • Inner tent bottom waterproof index 6000mm, fabric 40D coated silicon nylon.
  • Tent footprint (included) waterproof index 4000 mm, fabric 210 Polyester taffeta PU.
  • Footprint weighs 322 grams.
  • Dimensions of ultralight tent: 210 x 105 x 110 cm, L x W x H.
  • Packed size in included tent bag: 50 x 12 cm.
  • Inner tent weight: 590 grams.

There are two different flysheets available for the 3F UL Gear Cloud 2 tent. You can select from either the 15D which is lighter and slightly more waterproof or the 210T version.

15D Flouting Cloud Outer Tent Specifications

  • Weight: 549 grams.
  • Made from 15D  Nylon silicone coated fabric.
  • 5000mm waterproof index.

210T Flouting Cloud Outer Tent Specifications

  • Weight: 822 grams.
  • Made from 210T Polyester taffeta PU fabric.
  • 4000mm waterproof index.

3 Different Set Up Options

Depending on your need this tent can be setup in 3 different ways. The full tent with both the inner and flysheet, the flysheet only or just the internal tent on it’s own. This gives you the option of leaving components at home to reduce the tents weight further.

Flysheet setup only

Flysheet setup only.

Inner tent only

Inner tent only.

Twin Layer Set Up

Twin Layer Set Up.

15D Nylon and 210T polyester models available

15D Nylon and 210T polyester models available.


3F UL Cloud 2 Setup Video

3F UL Cloud 2 Setup Video.

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