2 Person Tent for Camping
1595 grams

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What Makes this 2 Person Tent so Good?

If you are looking for a 2 person tent for camping or backpacking then this tent is what you need. It comfortably sleeps two people using the right mattresses and has dual layers which serve to protect you from the rain, wind and mosquitos. It has two doors which not only help stop various insects from entering the tent the front door can also be used as an awning for shade from the sun.


Comfortably sleeps two people with our lightweight air mattresses. Unlike some 2 person tents available our two person camping tent can sleep two people using air mattresses which measure 45 cm wide at the bottom of the mattress.It is also possible to use two regular sized single  mattresses with an overlap near the bottom. This is possible due to the tapered design of this tent where it is wider at the top and tapers down to the foot area.


Comfortably sleeps two people


Mosquito repellant mesh protection from insects is a must when camping next to streams, lakes or the beach. This is a two layer tent which has an inner and outer door. Having two doors allows for the inside of the tent to be cooled down during the hot summer months without letting those little biters in.

Ensure the inner tent door is fully zipped up before you start setting the tent up.


Mosquito repellent mesh


Waterproof and windproof polyester material will keep you warm and dry. The flysheet is made from waterproof Polyester fabric while the bottom layer is made from though waterproof 210D oxford cloth. Unlike some lighter tents available in the market this ground layer is tough and more resistant to tears and punctures from underneath.


Rain and windproof polyester fabric


Lightweight Aluminum tent poles keep the weight of the tent down to only 1595 grams. They have a thin 7 mm diameter which not only reduces the overall weight of the tent they also help reduce the packed size of the tent. This means this tent can also be used for backpacking over several days without taking up too much room in your pack.


Lightweight aluminum tent poles


Large main door can be used as an awning from the sun. This is a great feature to have when camping during the hotter months when the shade of a tree can’t be found. To use the tents door as an awning you can use either two hiking poles or some branches from the campsite. Poles and ropes are not included so if you want to use the tent door as an awning then ensure you buy these in advance.


Tent door can be used as an awning


What Our Customers Say

Our Mountain Cattle 2 person tent is still fairly new so we have limited customer testimonials. Please see what our customers think of this amazing tent so far.


2 Person Tent - Customer review 1



2 Person Tent - Customer review 2


Inner Tent Used without Flysheet

If you are camping in warm conditions with no rain forecast then this 2 person tent can be erected without the flysheet. By doing this you will be able to camp under the stars without been bitten falling asleep watching the nigh sky. Nothing can be more surreal.


2 Person Tent set up next to lake


Army Green Two Person Tent Fully Set Up

Army green tent set up

2 Person Tent Specifications

  • Brand: Mountain Cattle Outdoors.
  • Model number: MC2PT
  • Colours available: Yellow, army green and white.
  • Number of users: 2 Person tent.
  • Layers: Dual layer.
  • Seasons: Summer, Spring, Autumn, plus winter without snow.
  • Fabrics: Polyester, 210D oxford cloth, mesh.
  • Poles: Lightweight Aluminum 7 mm diameter.
  • Inner tent size: Maximum width 145 cm, minimum width 56 cm, length 215 cm, height 105 cm (see below for more information.
  • Packed size: 36 x 15 x 15 cm.
  • Tent Weight 1595 grams.

Tent Dimensions (MC2PT)

Inner Tent Dimensions

Inner Tent Dimensions (MC2PT).

Two Person Tent Dimensions

Outer tent dimensions.


Two Mattresses in tent

Unique shape of tent fits two mattresses comfortably.

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